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Unformatted text preview: . We call them “driving link parameters”. For a complete positioning, there are at most 6 independent parameters. To position a revolution part, 5 parameters are sufficient. To determine the “driving link parameters”, we use the compatibility equations determined at the first step. The algorithm consists in: • Retain the link parameters of the primary set of positioning connections • Eliminate the link parameters of the secondary set of positioning connections, which are expressed according to the first reserved parameters in the compatibility equations. • Repeat it until the last connection 3.3. Third step: determining the positioning constraints At this stage, we know the expression of TSj,P function of the defect parameters of the connected surfaces and the “driving link parameters”. According to the type of link (floating or slipping), these link parameters (LHP) will be free (floating contact) or constrained to guarantee the contact PartHolder/Workpiece (slipping contact). Furthermore, all the link parame...
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