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Unformatted text preview: nistic positioning [Armillotta et al., 2003]. It uses an analytical approach to define the probability density function of positions of machined features as a function of the inaccuracy of the locators scheme. It considers only 2D parts, such as plates. The probability density function of machined feature positions was used in a following work to define the optimal locator positions, minimizing the machining inaccuracy [Moroni et al., 2003]. Finally, the position deviation of a hole due to the inaccuracy of all the six locators of the 3-2-1 locating scheme was estimated by a Monte Carlo simulation approach [Giusarma et al., 2004]. This work aims to investigate on how locators configuration affects the drilling of a holes pattern. It considers how deviation on fixturing elements propagate on location tolerance of a holes pattern. The 3-2-1 locating principle has been adopted. The position of each locator is represented by a Gaussian probability density function and, consequently, the probab...
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