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Unformatted text preview: “Dimensional Measurement Data Analysis, Part I: A Zone Fitting algorithm”, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, Transaction of ASME, 121, pp. 238-245; 1999. [Murthy et al., 1980] Murthy, T.S.R.; Abdin, S.Z.; “Minimum Zone Evaluation of Surfaces”, Int. J. Machine Tools and Manufacture, 20, pp. 123-136; 1980. [Wang, 1992] Wang, Y.; “Application of Optimisation Techniques to Minimum Zone Evaluation of Form Tolerances”, In: Quality Assurance Through integration of Manufacturing Processes and Systems, Edited by A.R. Thangaraj, ASME, pp. 1528; 1992. [Roy et al., 1992] Roy, U.; Zhang, X.; “Assessment of a Pair of Concentric Circles with the Minimum Radial Separation for Assessing Roundness Errors”, Computer Aided Design, 24, pp. 161-168; 1992. [Samuel et al., 2003] Samuel, G.L.; Shunmungam, M.S.; “Evaluation of circularity and spheriticy from coordinate measurement data”, J. of Materials Processing Technology, 139, pp. 90-95, 2003. [Shunmugam et al., 1986] Shunmugam, M.S.; “On Assessment of Geometry Errors”, Int. J. Production Research, 245, pp. 413-425; 1986. [Shunmugam et al., 1987] Shummugam, M.S...
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