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Unformatted text preview: y to demonstrate how the integration of standard components influences the tolerancing schema of the product. The functional requirements induced by the integration of the standard components have to be transferred on the parts of the mechanism according the ISO geometric specifications. Moreover this approach allows to distinguish the geometric specifications linked with the standard components from the others specifications. Keywords: tolerance and functionality, tolerancing and life cycle issues, functional requirement 1. INTRODUCTION In the tolerancing domain, lot of works have been done on tolerancing tools to describe geometric specifications and on 3D dimension chain computation. About the description of the geometric specifications we can cite the variationnal approach ([Gossard et al, 1988], [Gaunet, 1994] where the real geometry is described by variation of the nominal geometry and the tolerance zone approach ([Requicha, 1983]) where a tolerance is obtained by offset of the nominal geometry. Numerous computation tools h...
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