A virtual prismatic workpiece is used to demonstrate

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Unformatted text preview: ion cost is feature based modeling. Instead of colleting all detail process information, this method directly link the manufacturing cost with features [Feng et al., 1996; Shehab et al., 2001]. The assumption behind this method is that the company should be able to produce a quality feature at competitive or prevailing rate. This rate is determined by the feature type and relationships between features. Some researchers adopted this method for assembly product design and evaluate the cost at feature level, component level, and assembly level [Weustink et al., 2000]. Nonetheless, it is not commonly employed in production planning due to the lack of compliance with industrial standards. 2.3. Application of genetic algorithm in tolerancing As stated earlier, genetic algorithm is one of the techniques that have been used for optimal tolerance synthesis/allocation. Genetic algorithm is a search algorithm based on the mechanics of natural selection and natural genetics. It is an iterative procedure maintaining a population of structures tha...
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