According to the general description of such surface

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Unformatted text preview: balancing of the dimensional and geometrical errors. It is made possible, but limited, by the clearances between the parts. In the mechanism of figure 2, the MGC is represented by the resulting geometrical defect Δ geo between the two main components of the system: the cylinder liner and the piston. It depends on the geometrical defects (Δ geo i) of Impact of Geometric Uncertainties 227 the four parts (i=1 to 4) and on the clearances existing at the different connections. In fact, in the functional cycle of the mechanical system, the geometrical errors are to be balanced by clearances; otherwise the mechanism will not run. F=k(F ext) Cylinder liner Piston S=f( Δgeo., t (c)) Macro geometrical compensa tion Δ geo = h( Δ geo i, clearance) with i = 1 to 4 Figure 2; Macro geometrical compensation The contact pressure (p) between two parts can be defined as the ratio of the transmitted force (F) and the surface of the contact zone (S). p=FS The in- depth stress profiles of the parts depend on this pressure. However, the size and shape of the contact area are influen...
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