Afterwards the individuation of the best fit set of

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Unformatted text preview: inspection of a mechanical part produces a set of Cartesian coordinates of points measured by a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) from a manufactured surface of the part. The coordinates are elaborated to yield the geometric deviations of the manufactured surface from the nominal one. Many best fitting techniques, that calculate the substitute feature, were carried out based on either direct or random search techniques, Monte Carlo simulation, simplex search and spiral search techniques [Murthy et al., 1980; Shummugam et al., 1986 and 1987; Wang et al., 1992; Samuel et al., 2003]. In recent years a new class of algorithms for the establishment of form tolerance have received much attention [Roy et al., 1992]. This new class instead of a substitute feature directly searches the minimum zone of features, for example in planarity assessment 157 J.K. Davidson (ed.), Models for Computer Aided Tolerancing in Design and Manufacturing, 1 5 7 – 168. © 2007 Springer. 158 W. Polini, U. Prisco and G. Giorleo two parallel planes with the minimum distance such that they include the whole cloud of measured point. This method best conform...
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