As a result of this study it is determined that the

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Unformatted text preview: its nominal position in the hub spacing. Error Analysis of a NanoMechanical Drill 281 Figure 2 Geometry of the structure of the nanodrill Several assumptions are made in the determination of the effect of kinematic factors on the tip’s error. The top layer of the substrate is assumed to be the horizontal datum and the center of the substrate, the vertical datum (Figure 2). In its initial configuration, all layers of the nanodrill are assumed to be perfectly parallel with the reference datum. Since this particular assembly is manufactured by silicon micromachining, the structure is created by the deposition of successive layers of material. With the addition of each new layer, there is an opportunity to correct planar errors in the orientation of the previous layer. Therefore, the assumption that the layers are parallel is viable. The centreline of the hub is assumed to coincide with the vertical reference datum and the gear is assumed to be centered in the gap. This configuration re...
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