At each iteration the midpoint parameter vector is

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Unformatted text preview: line and circle segments. Line segments are represented by their endpoints and circle segments are represented by their endpoints and radii. Each part has one degree of freedom: translation along a fixed axis or rotation around an orthogonal axis. The segment endpoints, circle radii, and motion axes are represented with algebraic expressions whose variables are tolerance parameters. The parameters have nominal values and range limits, which are collectively called tolerances. This class of higher pair system covers 90% of engineering applications based on our survey of 2,500 mechanisms in an engineering encyclopedia [Sacks and Joskowicz, 1991] and on our industrial experience. 3.1. Candidate selection The candidate parameter vectors are selected in two steps. The first step finds sets of parameter values that generate points on the boundaries of the system contact zones. Each set contains the parameters that determine the shape and motion axes of two contacting part features. The set s...
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