Before involving complicated optimization algorithm a

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Unformatted text preview: 1997]. Manufacturing cost modeling at design stage has been investigated for many years and used as one of the major criteria, if not the only, for optimization of production planning. There are numerous facets in cost models. One way is to interpret the manufacturing cost as summation of processing cost, inspection cost, rework/scrap cost, and external failure cost [Mayer et al., 2001]. The processing cost can then be decomposed into machine cost, tool cost, material cost, setup cost, overhead cost, energy cost, etc [Esawi et al., 2003]. All terms can be further formulated if adequate information on process characteristics is known. This method gives detail analysis on each factor that contributes to final cost. However, each term normally involves assumption-orientated undetermined terms, empirical/semi-empirical formulation, Tolerance Assignment for Production Planning 215 and/or production line data that may even not available all the time, which made it difficult to be widely implemented. The other method used to estimate product...
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