Besides the requirement that the uncertainty of

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Unformatted text preview: Tolerance Analysis to the Design of Mechanical Assemblies”; ADCATS Report No. 91-1 April 1991. [Choi et al., 2000] Choi, H-G. R.; Park, M.-H.; Salisbury, E.; “Optimal Tolerance Allocation With Loss Functions”; Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering; ASME; vol. 122; pp. 529-535; August 2000. [Chen and Fischer, 2000] Chen, T-C.; Fischer, G.W.; “A GA-Based Search Method for the Tolerance Allocation Problem”; Artificial Intelligence in Engineering; Vol. 14; No. 2; pp.133-141; April 2000. [Do and Ko, 2000] Do, D.-Z.; Ko, K.-I.; “Theory of Computational Complexity”; New York; Wiley; 2000; ISBN 0-471-34506-7. [Heath, 1997] Heath, M., T.; “Scientific Computing: An Introduction Survey”; pp. 245249; McGraw-Hill 1997; ISBN 0-07-115336-5. [Hermansson and Lööf, 2005] Hermansson, T.; Lööf, J.; “Allokering av symmetriska toleranser i komplexa sammansättningar”; Master Thesis; Göteborgs Universitet; 2005. [Hong and Chang, 2002] Hong, Y. S.; Chang, T-C.; “A Comprehensive Review of Tolerancing Research”; International Jou...
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