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Unformatted text preview: complete application example is reported). Points cloud Data Segmentation The overall points cloud data is partitioned into different zones corresponding to different form features (e.g. plane or cylindrical surfaces, etc.). Canonical surfaces can be easily identified as for free-form surfaces identification more sophisticated partitioning algorithms must be applied. At the end of this task the overall points cloud data is partitioned into several sub-clouds; each cloud has an attribute that identifies the sub-cloud type (i.e. plane, cylinder, free-form, etc.). GT Features-Clouds Mapping In this phase the FoI CAD model is used to drive the identification of the sub-clouds of points that are relevant for the inspection procedures. The identification of the sub-cloud related to a particular GT feature is carried out on the basis of a minimum distance algorithm application. The centers of gravity (CofG) of the geometric entity representing the GT feature is compared with the center of gravity of the bounding box of all the...
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