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Unformatted text preview: sub-assembly, a part and generally any partition of the product. To describe the full product structure, each component can be decomposed into several ones. For example a mixing machine (Figure 3) is decomposed into five components that represent the motor, the transmission, the reducer, the bowl and the frame. Figure 3 ; Structural decomposition The interface object allows to describe the geometric elements of a component which are in relation with the external medium. In the tolerancing activity, the interfaces can be a surface, a line or a point. According to this definition we illustrate the concept of interface on the reducer component (Figure 4). 238 J. Dufaure, D. Teissandier and G. Debarbouille Figure 4 ; Description of the interfaces of the reducer The third object is function. In tolerancing activity, a function can represent a functional requirement, a kinematic joint or a geometric specification. The specifications supported by the product model are geometric specifications by tolerance zone, dimensional specifications (linear and angular) and roughness specifications. We...
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