Chase chase et al 1995 implements a direct

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Unformatted text preview: This study has been developed for Worst-Case approach. Finally, an example application is presented to illustrate our methodology. Keywords: Tolerance, Torsor, Jacobian, Analysis, Design, Statistical and Synthesis. 1. INTRODUCTION Design procedures mainly include two phases: functional design and manufacturing design. Tolerance design directly influences the functionality of assemblies and its cost. Tolerance synthesis is a procedure that distributes assembly tolerances between components. Tolerance synthesis is an essential step in all design phases to assure quality conformity and economic manufacturing. A tighter tolerance is normally preferred for product functionality; however, manufacturing costs usually increases due to the requirement of more rigorous operations. On the contrary, a loose tolerance is less costly; however, it may cause inferior quality. Therefore, it is necessary to make tradeoffs between tolerance and cost. Traditionally, designers allocate tolerance based on their experience and information contained in de...
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