Composition relations of displacements in the various

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Unformatted text preview: requirements. Product KCs are linked to subassembly KCs. These subassembly Manage Tolerances during Product and Process Design 61 KCs are then flowed down to Part-level KCs. Part-level KCs are critical parameters at the lowest level of the product including product features. We add a level: Design feature-level KC. These can be flowed down further to the process KCs : Intermediate Manufacturing feature-levels KCs and Manufacturing setup-levels KCs. Many layers exist within a KC flowdown. The complexity and interrelationships in a tree correspond to the complexity in the product and its manufacturing processes. Axiomatic design [Suh, 1990] provides a similar systematic method for mapping functional requirements into physical design attributes and mapping physical parameters into process variables but does not specifically focus on variation issues. Level Product KC Flowdown KC1 KC2 KC Constraint Subassembly KC12 KC22 KC Constraint1 Subassembly … KC Relation Part KC1k KC2k … KC Constraint1 Key Characteristics Design feature Manufacturing feature Manufacturing Setup p Manufacturing feature M anufacturing Setup p-1 … KC1l KC2l KCjl …...
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