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Unformatted text preview: s mode. The biggest remaining challenge then becomes the construction of a proper user interface, reflecting concurrent engineering practices in a PLM perspective. In the longer term, this work may introduce the general idea of associating uncertainty data to the nominal geometry, across disciplines and throughout the product lifecycle, therefore leading to more realistic product models. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The author would like to express special thanks to Walid Ghie, post doctoral fellow, for his help in gathering some of the bibliographical references used in this paper. 84 REFERENCES A. Desrochers [Desrochers et al., 2003] Desrochers, A.; Ghie, W.; Laperrière, L.; "Application of a Unified Jacobian-Torsor Model for Tolerance Analysis"; Special Issue on Computing Technologies to Support Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD & T), Journal of Computing and Information Science in Engineering, vol 3, no1, March 2003, pp. 2-14 [Hong et al., 2002] Hong, Y.S.; Chang, T.C.; "A comprehensive review of tolerancing research"; International Journal o...
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