During the meshing surfaces 1 and 2 are tangential

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Unformatted text preview: luences of gears deviations? • How to modelize the gears tolerances? • And how to analyze these tolerances with a simulation tool? In this paper, we focus on the first and the third questions. We propose a geometrical deviation model (a parameterization of deviations from theoretic geometry, the real geometry of parts is apprehended by a variation of the nominal geometry. The substitute surfaces model these real surfaces) and the Tooth Contact Analysis to describe the geometrical behavior. This aspect is detailed in section 2. For the third question, we propose to use a statistical simulation (Monte Carlo Simulation) of the gears deviations. The different models and analysis are presented in section 3. 2. HOW TO SIMULATE THE INFLUENCES OF GEARS DEVIATIONS? The best way to determine the optimal tolerances is to simulate the influences of deviations on the geometrical behavior of the mechanism. Usually, for mathematical formulation of tolerance analysis, the geometrical behavior is described...
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