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Unformatted text preview: er sampling would occur. 138 A. Barari, H. A. ElMaraghy and G. K. Knopf A sampling method for inspecting sculptured surfaces was presented by Elkot and ElMaraghys [Elkot et al., 2002]. A sample plan is generated based on the surface complexity and features, such as gradients, that warrant more condensed sampling. Sampling criteria include: equi-parametric, surface patch size and surface patch mean curvature. Both the number and location of sampling points were optimized and an algorithm for the automatic selection of the best sampling criterion strategy for a given surface was developed. The sampling plan is determined based on the ideal CAD geometry. However, the distribution and magnitude of surface geometry errors introduced during fabrication may require different sampling for accurately evaluating the actual surface, which is the motivation for the work presented in this paper. 3. METHODOLOGY If the substitute geometry is properly defined by the minimum deviation zone method, there is a unique solution that satisfies the optim...
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