Expanding the stack up equations we get d t t d t f t

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Unformatted text preview: al., 1999, 2001] also gives the shape as that in Fig. 2(b). 2. DESCRIPTION OF THE SAW-ARM ASSEMBLY The overall arrangement of parts is shown in Figs. 3 and 4. The important features and dimensions can be grouped according to their appearance on three parts: the saw arm, the gear cover, and the arbor. The saw arm has Datums A, B and C (points) for clamping the raw casting in the first machining set-up; they are considered perfect. The arm contains the important face, Datum D1, which engages the gear cover. A size tolerance tM = 0.16mm is specified on the distance lMD = 47.13mm between surface D1 and the reference plane M. In addition, a tolerance t″M = 0.10mm controls the amount of orientational variation between faces M and D1. Two short coaxial holes E and F are bored separately on the two sides of the arm-casting, and they engage the hinge-pin that is mounted to the frame. A positional tolerance tE = 0.6mm locates the axis of hole E (length hE) relative to datums A, B and C, and the positional tolerance tF = 0.07mm locates the axis of hole F relative to axis of hole E (Datum E). 270 A. D...
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