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Unformatted text preview: d (3, 3) from the tolerance box in Figure 7. Processing uc,2 first yields ∆u = (3, 0), whereas processing it second yields ∆u = (3, 2). Tolerance Synthesis of Higher Kinematic Pairs 297 Figure 8; Detail of Geneva pair contact zone: (a) initial; (b) final. 4. RESULTS We have tested the tolerance synthesis algorithm on common higher pair systems from the engineering literature. We present two representative examples where it corrects kinematic problems in the initial tolerances by changing the nominal parameter values. The first example is the 26 parameter model of the Geneva pair (Figure 1) whose contact zone shows possible jamming (Figure 8a). In the first synthesis iteration, step 1 of candidate selection finds 44 maximal parameter sets and step 2 generates 137 parameter vectors. Candidate testing finds 21 vectors with incorrect kinematic function. There are three more iterations in which five, two, and one incorrect vectors are found. The maximum change is 0.00322 which is 8% of the tolerance...
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