Figure 5 shows the class diagram of manufacturing

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Unformatted text preview: lation Component Feature Cinematic joint Geometrical specification Functional KC Intrinsic KC Situation KC Figure 3: Class diagram of design point of view. To include the quantitative aspect, we add some classes which represent the characteristics. Thornton proposes hybrid definitions of KCs [Thornton, 1999]: Key Characteristics (KCs) are the product, sub-assembly, part, process and resource parameters that significantly impact the final cost, performance, or safety of a product when the KCs vary from nominal. We specify this definition with GPS definition [ISO 17450-1]: A geometrical characteristic is single geometrical property of one or more feature(s). A GPS Characteristic is characteristic describing the micro or macro geometry of one or several features. A Structural entity could be defined by Intrinsic key characteristics. An Intrinsic key characteristic is a single Key Characteristic of one product element (example of Intrinsic KC: form deviation). A Situation key characteristic...
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