Figure 9 description of the flatness specification in

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Unformatted text preview: unting conditions and the intrinsic characteristics (i.e. internal clearances of a ball bearing) of the standard component. With the presented approach we are able to distinguish the geometric specifications induce by the standard component integration from the geometric specifications corresponding to the functional requirements on the product. 2. IPPOP PRODUCT MODEL The presented product model is the result of the IPPOP project. The IPPOP project is interested in the Integration of Product, Process, Organization for Performance enhancement. IPPOP is a project labelled by the French Ministry of Economy, Finances and Industry ( To ease the work around the product in a collaborative context, we purpose to describe a product with three main concepts and three main links between these concepts as presented in [Dufaure et al, 2003], [Dufaure et al, 2004] and [Noel et al, 2004]. A reminder of the concepts of the product model is shown on Figure 1. A complete description of these concepts is ma...
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