For each geometric requirement tolerance

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Unformatted text preview: specification and verification standards. It explains how GeoSpelling could be a good solution for a coherent and a complete tolerancing process. A short example illustrates the description of ideal and non ideal geometry and a mathematical expression of the specification based on characteristics is given. Finally, section 4 presents a summary and plans for future works. 2. A COHERENT AND COMPLETE TOLERANCING PROCESS The need in mechanical engineering is to manage geometric variations along the product lifecycle. The relations between client, suppliers and subcontractors speed up the need to have a common view of geometric specification and verification. In particular, product design, process design, inspection design, manufacturing activity and inspection activity are concerned. It is very useful today in the context of concurrent engineering to have a Coherent and Complete Tolerancing Process. The tolerancing process is defined through all the activities involved by geometric product variations management. Salomons proposed three cl...
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