For planar parts consisting of line and arc segments

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Unformatted text preview: ute the tolerance envelopes bounding the areas occupied by the parts under all possible assembly instances. The envelopes provide an accurate characterization of geometric uncertainty that is useful in assembly planning and mechanism design. 2. TOLERANCED ASSEMBLY SPECIFICATION Assemblies of toleranced parts require a representation that accounts for part variations. The goal is to develop a framework within which part variations can be represented and efficiently computed. Our starting point is the general model of planar toleranced parts whose boundary consists of line and arc segments that we developed in previous research. Throughout the paper, we will use the assembly shown in Figure 1 as an example to illustrate the concepts. 2.1. Toleranced parts We model part variation with the parametric tolerancing model described in [OstrovskyBerman, 2004]. In this model, part variation is determined by m parameter values p=(p1…pm), specifying lengths, angles, and radii of part features. The parameters hav...
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