For this purpose we have built the concept of use

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Unformatted text preview: velength over the partlength (see Table 1). Above four wavelengths, the polynomials could not accurately model the variation. 3.3. Hybrid Covariance Model The frequency spectrum model accurately predicts the geometric covariance of waviness and roughness variation and the orthogonal polynomial model accurately predicts the geometric covariance of warping variation, but neither method models the entire range of variation. [Tonks and Chase, 2004] show that when the surface variation is dominated by warping variation the orthogonal polynomial method accurately models Table 1; Number of polynomials needed to accurately model surface variation Wavelengths over part-length: 1 2 3 4 7 11 15 inaccurate Number of polynomials: Predicting Deformation of Compliant Assemblies 327 the geometric covariance, but when this is not the case, neither model is sufficient. [Soman, 1999] showed that after subtracting the warping variation with a polynomial fit, the remaining higher frequency variation could be modeled using the frequency spectrum met...
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