For this type of geometrical requirements the

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Unformatted text preview: R03] corresponds to a small displacements torsor. This torsor corresponds to a relative position of the part (3) compared to the part (0). It is thus possible to calculate the components in translation of each one of these torsors (set of the vertices of the 6-polytope) in any point of space [Samper et al., 2004]. While transporting the domain [R03] of each four control points, we can then determine their 3D projections in space (Tx, Ty, Tz) modelling maxima displacements of these points in Euclidean space. These calculated zones are represented in figure 6. Surfaces Seam Analysis 251 Figure 6; 3D projections at control points. A post-processing procedure was developed [Petit, 2004]. It allows to change a 6D object belonging to the mathematical model (which is the domain) in a 3D calculated zone which is then injected into CAD model. The calculated zone can then, at each of the four control points, be numerically and graphically compared with the specified zone translating the functional conditio...
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