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Unformatted text preview: rtainties related to fastening techniques and metrological uncertainties. In short, every step of the production cycle introduces some uncertainties that add up and increase the dimensional spectrum of the final product. More specifically, manufacturing uncertainties can be modelled as six components torsors in the form of functional elements (FE) originating from internal pairs (on the same part) in the Jacobian-torsor model. Assembly uncertainties can also be expressed as torsor components but in the form of kinematic pairs in functional elements (i.e. between two parts). Finally, metrological uncertainties will generate internal pair FE torsors, as measurements are generally taken on isolated parts. As for design driven variations, process driven uncertainties can lead to deterministic or stochastic analysis. However, owing to the random nature of these uncertainties, they are particularly well suited for statistical approaches. 80 A. Desrochers 2.4. Operation driven variations Operation driven variations reflect mainly load and temperature induced geom...
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