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Unformatted text preview: tational kinematics. Artificial Intelligence, 51(1-3):381–416, October 1991. [Kyung and Sacks, 2003] Min-Ho Kyung and Elisha Sacks. Nonlinear kinematic tolerance analysis of planar mechanical systems. Computer-Aided Design, 35(10):901– 911, 2003. [Kyung and Sacks, 2003a] Min-Ho Kyung and Elisha Sacks. Parameter synthesis of higher kinematic pairs. Computer-Aided Design, 35:567–575, 2003. [Kyung and Sacks, 2006] Min-Ho Kyung and Elisha Sacks. Robust parameter synthesis for planar higher pair mechanical systems. Computer-Aided Design, 38(5), 2006. Tolerance Synthesis of Higher Kinematic Pairs 299 [Sacks and Joskowicz, 1993] Elisha Sacks and Leo Joskowicz. Automated modeling and kinematic simulation of mechanisms. Computer-Aided Design, 25(2):106–118, 1993. [Sacks and Joskowicz, 1995] Elisha Sacks and Leo Joskowicz. Computational kinematic analysis of higher pairs with multiple contacts. Journal of Mechanical Design, 117(2(A)):269–277, June 1995. This page intentionally blank Geometrical Study of Assembly Behaviour, Taking Into Accounts Rigid Components’ Deviations, Actual Geometric Variations and Deformations G. C...
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