Geospelling a unified model is presented as the basis

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Unformatted text preview: The list of operations to describe the specification is called an operator. The translation of the standardized specification in GeoSpelling language is given in table I. SPECIFICATION OPERATOR 1) Partition Sa, non ideal feature, from the skin model 2) Association PLa, ideal feature, type plane Constraints: minimum signed distance (Sa, PLa) ≥ 0 Objective to minimize : maximum signed distance (Sa, PLa) 3) Partition Sb, non ideal feature, from the skin model 4) Association CYb, ideal feature, type cylinder Constraints: minimum signed distance (Sb, CYb) ≥ 0 angle (axis(Cyb), Pla)= 90° Objective to minimize : diameter (CYb) Condition C1 ≤ 0 Characteristic C1, defined from an intrinsic characteristic of an ideal feature C1 = diameter (CYb) - (db + tb) Table I: Specification operator Coherent and Complete Tolerancing Process 4. SUMMARY AND CONCLUDING REMARKS 43 Tolerance analysis or tolerance synthesis are based on tolerance representation. Given a particular tolerance representation, efficient and accurate algorithms are needed to actually perform the tolerance analysis. Unfortunately, as the geometric toleranc...
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