Germani f mandorli department of mechanics

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Unformatted text preview: so has the least standard deviation value. Figure 9; Uncertainty experiment by 100X inspection with 3 sampling strategy. Shown in Figure 10 and 11 are histograms of a number of selected samples and total number of samples in 100 times iterative sampling, respectively. Evaluation of Geometric Deviations in Sculptured Surfaces 145 Figure 10; Number of selected samples for 100X inspection. Figure 11; Total number of samples for 100X inspection. 5. CONCLUSION An innovative online adaptive sampling method for use in an integrated environment of measurement planning, sampling and evaluation of geometric deviations was presented. The resulting deviation zone is readily comparable to the surface form tolerances for sculptures surfaces and is used to check compliance of the fabricated surfaces with specified design tolerances. The proposed method uses the surface errors probability density function to identify regions where more measurements should be made. It improves the accuracy of minimum zone evaluation. Also, by selecting the most useful candidates for additional measurements, this reduces the total number of requ...
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