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Unformatted text preview: ve positioning of the two models. Figure 5 shows the color map of the distances between the nominal shape and the points cloud data after the application of the align commands, as computed by the distance analysis algorithms of CATIA. GT Features Extraction: the data structure of the FoI CAD model is navigated in order to extract and organize the information about GT specifications. By using the 154 M. Germani and F. Mandorli representation method defined in the previous chapter, the data contained in the FoI model of our reference example is organized as follows: Tolerance (1, orientation, parallelism, 0.5, (A)), method (orientation, parallelism) GT_Feature(112), GT_Feature_Type(plane), CofG (65.17 ,-275.9, 603.6), Tol_Datum (A), Tol_Value(); GT_Feature(111), GT_Feature_Type(plane), CofG (65.17, -8.4, 624.1), Tol_Datum (A), Tol_Value(); GT_Feature(109), GT_Feature_Type(plane), CofG (65.17, 275.9, 603.6), Tol_Datum (A), Tol_Value(); GT_Feature(139), GT_Feature_Type(plane), CofG (-51.3, 602.1, 659.6), Tol_Datum (),To...
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