Iso 10360 2 2001 iso 10360 2 geometrical product

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Unformatted text preview: uring the experiments the same strategy was used as applied for calibration. Thus the influences of measurement force, probe characteristic, support and fixture can be disregarded. The probing strategy is accomplished in each case with and without feature related alignment (only workpiece alignment). Due to the repeated measurements also a range of dispersion for the respective probing strategy can be approximated by means of statistical evaluation. 4.4. Calculation of uncertainty budget and evaluation the interim check The calculation of the measurement uncertainty is automatically carried out software assisted by the management console using the current measurement results together with the stored experience values. As illustration of the above mentioned procedure, an actual measured value for the positional deviation of a flange hole is presented (table I). The deviations b of the measurement results from the calibrated values are smaller than the extended measurement uncertainty. So it is proved that the monitored CMM is still capab...
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