If we consider the side points of the panel the

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Unformatted text preview: metry deviation on datum surfaces, as presented on figure 3. Figure 3: Form deviations from actual geometry 2.3. Geometrical pair and geometrical relations Our work is based on a perfect geometrical pair hypothesis. Moreover we consider that all geometrical pairs are defined without clearance, a model of clearance torsor is presented on [Cid et al, 2004]. We consider that each component is set in position in a non over constrained configuration. If the assembly is over constrained, one can either consider flexibility of components as shown on the third part of this paper, or referred to [Thiebaut, 2001] if rigid component hypothesis is to be kept. 304 G. Cid et al. Thanks to the serial component assembly assumption, we use an iterative resolution to determine the situation deviations of all the components from their nominal situations. If component (j) situation is known, we find the cut out torsor on the non over constrain registration. By this way, we deduce all new pair’s position with deviation torsor of this component. Component (j+1) position is then known an...
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