If we input the rz component we should obtain a 4d

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Unformatted text preview: and the technological limits. The domain model is presented and the Keywords: flexible mechanism, clearance domain, elastic joint, ball bearing, gear 1. INTRODUCTION The concept of clearance domain and deviation domain [Giordano et al.], [Petit et al. 2004] helps in tolerance analysis. It is based on the Small Displacement Torsor model [Bourdet et al. 1988]. With the domains theory, the assembly assessment and functional requirements are computed. In order to be used by the designer, the domain model result is projected in a zone [Samper et al. 2006]. When we study some components like those presented here, we see that the elastic displacements are linked to technological limits. The Use Rate (UR) concept can be built for each of them in order to include those technological assessments into geometrical specifications. We present, here, two examples of joint analysis in an assembly process with possible assembly forces. 2. CLEARANCE DOMAIN MODEL A clearance is defined by the gap between the two su...
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