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Unformatted text preview: = ωi .e1 + ωi .e2 + ωi .e3 + ωi .e4 + ...... + ωi .en The designer specifies the desired perturbation by giving values to the ωik coefficients of the Ω matrix. This specification method gives him all the flexibility required to n! "sculpt" the final object since he has independent ways of indicating it for 6 ⋅ ( n − 3)! each vector. For example: ur ωi1 , 0, ωi3 , 0, ωi5 , 0, 0,K , 0 specifies that the ei vector is subjected to a variation in 3D ur ur ur space, the perturbations of which are imposed on the triplet: e1 , e3 , e5 . ( ) ( ) NB. It is obviously possible to specify more than 3 components, provided they are real numbers. The designer can thus specify a variation by adding perturbations in relation to numerous successive references. The final vector itself will naturally have a position resulting from the combination of these perturbations in the 3D space. 3.5. Reverse problem This substantially important advantage in the preliminary project stage thus brings...
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