In order to minimise the fluctuations in material

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Unformatted text preview: erived to model the magnitude of the impacts that specific factors have on the angular and linear dimensions of bent parts. Secondly, the uncertainties of these influencing factors are quantified by means of dedicated experimental setups. A series of tests has been carried out using industrial machines. The result of this exploration provides the statistical characteristics of each influencing factor. Based on this analysis, dominant factors determining the dimensional variations of the bending operations have been fully identified and quantified. 2. FACTOR ANALYSIS 2.1. Sources of errors To be able to identify the possible sources of errors influencing the dimensional accuracy of parts produced by sheet bending using press brakes, the sequence of the process, including workpiece preparation and part processing phases was investigated. To prepare the workpiece for sheet metal bending, at first the envisaged part is modelled and the corresponding flat pattern is calculated based on specific...
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