In other words there is no biunivocal relation in

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Unformatted text preview: s of the final object – based on parametric tolerances – actually result from a computation which calls for extensive expertise, except in simple cases, and which does not necessarily imply the existence of the object. In order to explain the problem in greater detail from a mathematical point of view, you simply need to imagine a certain nominal dimension f j x1 , x 2 ,K , x n , dependent ( ) on n parameters, the variation of which must be specified by the designer. All current parametric technology is based on analysis of the differential form: ∂f df j = ji .dxi .[Chase et al., 1997], [Laperrière et al., 2003] and [Serré et al., 2003]. The ∂x designer is not only obliged to specify all the dxi with values that depend on the manufacturing process (which he does not know), for values of coefficients of influence (partial local derivatives) that he is not even aware of, but, above all, nothing goes to prove the existence of the object after a variation of this kind, however small it may be. In...
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