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Unformatted text preview: ameter for a cylinder or a sphere). The domain of variation of the parameters characterizing these deviations represents the 3D capabilities of the manufacturing means (machine-tool, cutting tools, part holders) used during the machining process. For the first step, we assume that a process generates two independent defects, the positioning deviations (due to the deviations of the part-holder surfaces and of the Model of Workpiece (MWP) surfaces) and the machining deviations (deviation of a realized surface relative to its nominal position in the machine) as represented figure 1. The deviation of each realised surface can be determined relative to the nominal part by expressing for each set-up: Deviation part,surface = − Deviation machine,part + Deviation machine,surface 4 3 144 2444 144 2444 4 3 machining positionning Or, expressing by torsors: TP ,Pi = −TSj,P + TSj,Pi (1) At each set-up, the positioning deviation TSj,P is function of the part-holder defects, the links between the part holder and the workpiece positioning surfaces and the defects of the workpiece positioning surfaces that have been machined in the previous set-up. The determination of the...
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