In this case a solution could consist in creating a

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Unformatted text preview: on the surface of the CAD model of the part. The gauge-zone will be related to this line and not to the surface. The most difficult case is the particular case of the zone having a shape different from the one of the toleranced feature. For example it is the case of a cylinder axis having to be contained within a planar zone. In this case, a solution could consist in creating a plane passing through the axis and directed with regard to another geometric feature of the part defining the secondary datum reference. The zone-gauge would be related to this plane. The other study to be carried out relates to the representation of the dimensional tolerances with or without envelope condition. For the moment we think that the dimensional tolerances can be "carried" by the CAD model of the part, which is already possible with several software packages. We are currently considering testing a such semantic representation in a CAD software package. 12 8. REFERENCES E. Pairel, P. Hernandez a...
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