In this case the average value of probability reduces

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Unformatted text preview: actual position of locators p 2 and p 3 , while the Y’ axis is perpendicular to X’ axis and passes through the actual position of p1 . The nominal coordinates of the centre of the generic (i) hole of the pattern are c i (x , y ) , while their real values are function of locator probability density function c'i (x ' , y') in the PRF. To determine the effect of locators’ deviation from their nominal position on the position of the i-hole of the pattern, the probability density function of the centre c'i (x ' , y') of the drilled hole in the PRF has been calculated as a function of the probability density function of the locators (2). The probability density functions of the coordinates x' and y' of the centre of the i-hole of the pattern depend only on the gaussian distribution of the coordinate x1 , y 2 and y 3 of the locators, as demonstrated in [Armillotta et al., 2003]: 204 f c'i (x ' , y') = W. Polini and G. Moroni x 3n − x 2 n 2⋅π⋅ ⋅ (y − y1n )2 + (x − x 2n )2 + (x − x 3n )2 (x '− x )2...
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