In this figure we have labelled some key tolerances

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Unformatted text preview: s, the component tolerances must be greatly reduced in order to meet the assembly limit, requiring higher production costs. Then, the contribution is obtained by equation 4: %C F E ik = C F E ik C −C F E ik F E jk ∑ N j =1 F E jk −C (4) Where %C F E ik : Represent the percentage contribution of FE i in the direction k to the FR. With, i=1, 2,..., N and k= u,v,w,α, β or δ; After having identified a FR and all FEs of the dimensional chain, it becomes possible to compute the percentage contribution of each FE to the FR. This it is possible Re-Design of Mechanical Assemblies for Tolerance Analysis 99 using the equations above (equation 4). Hence, we can obtain the percentage contribution chart; a histogram of the contribution of each tolerance specified in the chain. Using the contribution chart, the designer can identify the most critical tolerances, i.e, those which contributed most to the total FR. Once these contributions have been identified, we proceed to modify the most critical tolerance...
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