It constitutes a major technological advance over the

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Unformatted text preview: andards that specify the metrological verification procedures for a part that already exists, with all the attendant advantages and disadvantages of this restriction. Proof of this assertion can be found in the actual wording of the basic principle, called the "independence principle" expressed as follows: Every dimensional or geometric requirement specified on a drawing must be individually (independently) complied with, unless a relation is specified. (ISO 8015) Anyone who has even briefly used the 2D or 3D sketcher of a CAD system is pertinently aware that the slightest variation of only one dimension very often leads to drastic changes in the form of the object or even, on occasions, its non-existence, and you are immediately convinced that all the dimensions are interdependent. The strong point of standardised, zone-based ISO tolerancing is its transactional nature: it enables exchanges to be made between a project manager and subcontractors with the utmost safety. It constitutes a major technological advance ov...
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