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Unformatted text preview: above mentioned limitations. This category includes methods based on machining theory and mechanical knowledge. Only few works are based on a complete analytical resolution of the problem because of the complexity of the studied models. The problem is thus generally discretized and treated by numerical algorithms. Classically, the cutting movements are discretized in time. The cutting edge is divided into small segments. The workpiece is represented as a Z-Map object (figure 2). z y z y Z-axis : i (xi, yi, hi) x x Figure 2; Z-map representation The Z-Map representation consists in discretizing a volume into a set of vectors. These vectors are called z-axis and written i. They are parallel to direction z of the coordinate system and characterized by three variables. The two first ones (xi and yi) indicate the coordinate of the intersection between the z-axis and the x/y plane. These coordinates are generally chosen in order to fit the nodes of a grid. The third variable hi corresponds to the norm of...
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