It is difficult to classify the different studies but

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Unformatted text preview: al. can then be checked by applying vectorial geometrical operations to the derived elements previously obtained. The best fit methods have a great impact in this process. In fact theirs capacity to extract informations from the set of points, and to integrate them in the derived element parameters, strongly influences the verification of the geometrical specifications. Today, Tchebitchev criterion (infinite norm) and least squares criterion (Euclidian norm) are the most employed best fit practices. The first one presents the advantage of calculating the derived element leading to the evaluation of the least form defect, while the second one offers excellent computation stability. By formulating the least square criterion on a purely statistical point of view, some works [Sprauel et al., 2001] demonstrated that it is possible to calculate the uncertainties of the parameters of the derived element. They proved also that the use of the least squares criterion is equivalent to the likelihood criterion...
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