It is not necessary to know the separate influences

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Unformatted text preview: ated values. Therefore the calibration routine must include the complete fixture and the fixing process (influence of the operator). Furthermore, the monitoring of large CMMs with small sheet metal parts reduces the informational value. A solution for this problem is presented. 2. SUBSTITUTION METHOD The substitution method, where the CMM is used as a comparator, is a well-established principle in metrology. The principle bases on the replacement measurement of the workpiece and an identical or similar calibrated object. Such object, also named as working standard, can be a calibrated workpiece or a gage. The comparison of gained measurement values from the working standard and the calibrated values indicates the systematic deviations of the measurement device, which are subsequently used to correct the results of corresponding measurements at the series parts. Monitoring Coordinate Measuring Machines 127 2.1. Substitution measurement process A sequence of a substitution measurement comprises the handling (e.g. fixing) of the workpiece and of the working standa...
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