It is then possible to the designer to see

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Unformatted text preview: shaft of the motor (Figure 7). To transfer the assembly condition we have to take into account the geometric specifications on the pulleys. The specifications on the pulley1 impose the dimensional specification on the shaft of the motor. As shown in Figure 8, the cylindrical surface of the motor is specified to ensure that the pair between the pulley1 and the motor is a cylindrical pair. The valuation of this specification is deduced from the dimensional specifications on the cylinders of the pulleys. Figure 8 ; Transfer of the mounting conditions into geometric specifications Influence of the Standard Components Integration 241 3.2. Transfer of the geometric specifications induced by the choice of the standard components To ensure the function “transmit a rotational movement” using a transmission by belt, we have to specify the position and the orientation between the two median planes of the pulley grooves. In ISO language, this geometric requirement can be expressed with a flatness specification in common zone. This specification...
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