It shows that correlation between simulation result

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Unformatted text preview: n the flanges of the parts and the rest are distributed over the whole part geometry. The complete assembly consists of 64 inspection points. Approximately 50 single parts and 80 complete assemblies have been measured. One important aspect when using inspection data is to analyze the correlation between the inspection points in order to avoid producing part geometry in the simulation model that is unlikely to occur. The correlation coefficients in matrix R are calculated by equation 1 and are calculated from an input matrix M whose rows are observations and whose columns are inspection points. The correlation coefficients in matrix R give the correlation -1 to 1 between the inspection points. In general, points that are located close to each other on the same normal surface should have a strong correlation. In this application the inspection data was analyzed with the correlation coefficient and showed a reasonable correlation for the inspection points located close together. When simulating d...
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