It sometimes applied to tolerance analysis method

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Unformatted text preview: of the candidate is the maximum over these minimal distances. A candidate passes the motion test when the variation is below a specified limit. 3.3. Tolerance revision The tolerance revision step revises the current tolerances to exclude the failed parameter vectors. The tolerances define an axis-aligned box in parameter space: the box is centered at u0 and its width in the k th dimension is the tolerance interval of the k th parameter. The failed vectors, ui , lie in this box. The revision excludes them by modifying u0 when possible and by shrinking the box width otherwise. Each failed vector has a neighborhood of vectors that exhibit the same failure, since 296 M.-H. Kyung and E. Sacks New tolerance box Tolerance box v1 c1 u v2 v4 (a) c2 u c4 (b) c3 v3 v5 c5 Figure 7; Tolerance revision: (a) before; (b) after. Unfilled circles mark correct candidates. the system depends continuously on the parameters. In one dimension, consider a system with parameter u, nominal value u0 , and failed value u1...
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