K davidson ed models for computer aided tolerancing

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Unformatted text preview: f both product design and processes. This included a specific methodology to translate product requirements in operation into design requirements for production, therefore closing the loop between design and manufacturing. Again, the procedures were presented along with explanations on their compatibility with the torsor representation. However, it should be noted that the work presented is still in its preliminary form as an actual implementation with the Jacobian-torsor model has not yet been completed. Nevertheless, the author remains confident that the actual Jacobian-torsor prototype can be adapted to suit the needs of the presented work in a relatively short period of time. This assumption is based on the fact that all uncertainties and variations presented in this paper can be modelled as torsors, either in the form of Functional Elements or Functional Requirements. From there, the Jacobian-torsor model can handle deterministic or stochastic approaches, in analysis and even synthesi...
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