K davidson ed models for computer aided tolerancing

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Unformatted text preview: nce in Engr., 3, pp. 64-75. [Roy and Li, 1999] Roy, U. and Li, B. (1999). “Representation and interpretation of geometric tolerances for polyhedral objects– I: Form tolerance.” Computer-Aided Design 30, pp. 151-161. [Whitney, et al., 1994] Whitney, D. E., Gilbert, O. L., and Jastrzebski, M. (1994). “Representation of geometric variations using matrix transforms for statistical tolerance analysis in assemblies”, Research in Engineering Design, 6, pp. 191-210. Information Modeling to Manage Tolerances during Product and Process Design J.-Y. Dantan, T. Landmann, A. Siadat, P. Martin Laboratoire de Génie Industriel et de Production Mécanique, E.N.S.A.M. de Metz, 4 rue A. Fresnel, 57070 METZ Cedex, France jean-yves.dantan@metz.ensam.fr Abstract: For car and aircraft industries, the management of tolerances has become an important issue in product and process design. Indeed, designers need to manage the tolerances and to know information that contributed to their determination. To do so, we propose to integrate a qualitative and a quantitative aspect of tolerancing. This quantitative aspect...
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